In preparation for the formulation of the Gender and Development (GAD) Agenda of the Regional GAD Committee 2 (RGADC2) in July, the Committee held the Enhanced Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) seminar-workshop and GAD Agenda Development leveling-off session on April 19-20 and May 5, respectively.

The GAD agenda will serve as the strategic framework in gender mainstreaming, women’s empowerment, and gender equality. RGADC2 member-agencies will use the same as their basis in identifying programs, activities, and projects, and crafting of monitoring and evaluation framework.

Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Teresita A. Tabaog of the Department of Science and Technology Region 2, led the two-day GMEF workshop which is the first leg of the preparations for the GAD Agenda formulation. She discussed the enhancements on the GMEF tool and assisted in the assessments of the member-agencies’ mainstreaming efforts.

ARD Tabaog emphasized that GAD should be incorporated in all programs, projects, and activities of all government institutions, and should not be treated as a separate project. She also reiterated the beneficial use of the GMEF in assessing the respective agency efforts mainstreaming GAD.

GMEF was developed in 1996 to guide users to acquire a holistic view of the gender mainstreaming process. It helps in assessing how far agencies have progressed in gender mainstreaming work. This tool was continuously enhanced since 2014 by the Philippine Council on Women (PCW).

The GMEF seminar-workshop was followed by a leveling session conducted by the PCW. Technical experts from the PCW discussed the steps in formulating the GAD vision, mission, and goals. They also explained the seven steps in formulating the GAD Agenda starting from organizing the planning team until the translation of outcomes into programs, projects and/ or activities.

The GMEF seminar-workshop and GAD Agenda Development leveling-off session were conducted in preparation for the RGADC2 Strategic Planning Workshop for the Formulation of a 6-year GAD Agenda for the region on July 6-8, 2022 in Manila.#NEDA2-PDIPBD