Once again, the NEDA2 office, through the leadership of Regional Director Dionisio C. Ledres, Jr., opened its doors to celebrate the National Children’s Month this November.

Twelve kids of NEDA2 staff took over the NEDA2 grounds on November 26 and 27 for the annual weekend camping in observance of the Children’s Month. What started as a simple overnight gathering of kids last year became a tradition for the NEDA2 kids who promised to make the celebration an annual event.
The kids were treated with various activities which aimed to teach them patience, perseverance and strategy. They were also taught how to catch and prepare their own food, by chasing the chickens and gathering of malunggay leaves, which were served as tinola and adobo for their dinner.
November is the National Children’s Month under Republic Act No. 10661 signed by former President Benigno Aquino III in 2015. It commemorates the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on Nov. 20, 1989.#