Members of the Indigenous People (IP), Persons with Disability (PWD) and other vulnerable groups are highly encouraged to submit their application.

Three (3) Chief Economic Development Specialist

  • Plans, directs and coordinates the work program/activities of a division in one or more of the following areas: development planning and policy coordination; coordination and monitoring of plan policy implementation; program/project development, evaluation and monitoring; investment programming and budgeting; external assistance coordination; technical assistance to agencies; regional bodies and local government units; development administration; development information and communication; internal administration and management in support of development planning and coordination of plan implementation.
  • Supervises a team or teams of development specialists and analysts engaged in carrying out the division or office functions in one or more of the above areas, and reviews and approves their outputs.
  • Coordinates the monitoring and evaluation of development policies, programs and projects and recommends appropriate measures to hasten implementation.
  • Initiates, recommends and coordinates the conduct of specific studies and specialized researches pertaining to the division.
  • Evaluates and approves proposed action on specific policy/program/project proposals.
  • Coordinates the provision of technical assistance to the various units of NEDA and relevant outside agencies.
  • Formulates guidelines, standards and methodologies for the effective functioning of the division or office and the continuing assessment of its performance.
  • Coordinates the preparation of periodic reports
  • Coordinates the planning and implementation of internal work methods and procurements.
  • Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Two (2) Economic Development Specialist 1

  • Gathers/complies/updates and maintain basic data and statistics pertinent to the work of the division.
  • Conducts analysis and assists in the interpretation of statistical data/info for the use of development specialists.
  • Assists in the conduct studies and researches pertaining to the work of the division/sector.
  • Conducts field researches/visits as needed.
  • Assists in the preparation of periodic reports pertaining to the division/sector.
  • Attends to various requests for statistical data/information.
  • Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Notice of New Appointment (ODGB-EDS1-1-2017, ODGB-EDS1-2-2016)

NOTE: In addition to the Civil Service Eligibility, applicants are required to pass the NEDA Technical Examination for Permanent Technical Positions or NEDA Non-Technical Examination for Permanent Administrative Positions. Passing the NEDA entrance exam together with the civil service eligibility does not constitute automatic hiring. The Selection and Promotion Board (SPB) will still deliberate on the NEDA examination passers who meet the requirements of the vacant position.

Examinations are regularly conducted in NEDA central office located at No. 12 St. Jose Maria Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City or in NEDA Region 02 depending on set date.

Thank you.